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Wine Tasting

Enjoy our wines that has been crowned with international awards.

Şarap, Kadın, Köpek, Yemek

Company Meetings

You can contact us for your corporate meeting requests.

Toplantı, Masa, Sandalye

Painting, Sculpture and Craft Club

Bring your art to life with our painting, sculpture and handicraft workshops.


Cinema and Photography Club

Get the chance to share what your eyes and inner world see with everyone.

Sinema, Kamera, Fotoğraf

Tarım ve Ekolojik Hayat Kulübü

Experience the inner peace of giving life to the nature that gives breath to us.

Tarım, Domates, Ekoloji, Çiftlik

Winery Trip

Experience how the success story of our vineyard was written.

01 Panorama1.jpg

Wellness Club

Take advantage of activities such as Yoga-Plates-Cycling-Detox with our club.

Yoga, Doğa, Bahçe

Art and Literature

We are here for every writer candidate who adopts literature.


Gastronomy Club

We look forward to sharing / applying our chefs' delicious recipes with you.

Yemek, Gastronomi, Mutfak, Restaurant

Music and Dance Club

"Music is the food of the soul": We invite you to prepare this feast.

Dans, Müzik
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