A Vineyard in the heart of Anatolia

Bağ, Üzüm.

Our Story


Every wine has a story... Wine is a way of life, a story and a culture. The story of wine begins in the vineyard, takes shape in the vineyard. With the speed of the rain, the sound of the wind, the heat of the sun and the increasing scorching during the day, the coolness of the night, it gives a unique taste to each of the grapes over the months. Even if you don't see the region where it grows, when you smell or taste the wine, it will whisper its story in your ear. If you know how to observe the grapes in the vineyard, it will make you feel that they are ready for vintage. Then the most exciting time of the year begins for us.




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Enjoy plenty number of different activities in our vineyard house.



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Our Awards

Syrah 2009 / Silver Medal

"Concours Mondlal de Bruxelles 2011"


Chardonnay 2009 / Silver Medal

"Chardonnay du Monde 2012"


Narince 2015 / Best White Wine

"Sommeliers Selection Master Classes Turkey 2017"


Syrah 2010 / Silver Medal

"Challenging Master Classes 2017 Turkey"


Blend 2014 / Bronze Medal

"Association of Friends of Wine Tuğrul Şavkay Best Wine of the Year 2017 Turkey"


Chardonnay 2016 / Bronze Medal

"Challenging Master Classes 2017 Turkey"

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