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Since 1980, viniculture has been carried out in our vineyards covering approximately 120 decares of wine and 130 decares of edible grape production with its soil structure containing volcanic sand and clay. Originality is prioritized in our sepage and monosepage productions. Our grapes for wine come in 6 types.


Our Grapes for White Wine:


- Narince

- Chardonnay

- Rousanne


Our Grapes for Red Wine:


- Kalecik Karası

- Shiraz

- Tempranillo


The planting of our vineyards was completed in 2009 and received an organic agriculture certificate. Vineyard age varies between 40 and 12 years.


In our vineyards, production is made using completely natural methods of labor, without using any kind of pesticides. In our region, very suitable and very high quality wines are obtained in terms of wine production quality because of the soil and climate structure, mineral richness and extreme weather conditions.

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