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About Us

Vinolus Wines are produced in Kayseri within the geographical borders of Cappadocia. Our oldest vineyards are 30 years old and we have been producing since 2007. We continue our way with a production philosophy that prioritizes quality, respect for natural life and trust. Our ongoing work in the Arif Molu farm, where production is a family tradition in every way, has been started by taking into account the quality of the vineyards originating from the soil structure of the region and the wine production history dating back to Hittites.

Development of winemaking is only possible with a correct, conscious and efficient viticulture. At the same time, our company, which follows the principles of naturalness and respecting the environment, has also started organic agriculture for this purpose. Grape varieties and vineyard arrangements were made by analyzing the region, climate and soil structure.

Our production facility is completely based on natural and original production methods for standard production. Natural production methods are mainly used in production.

Vinolus Wines, which makes viticulture with organic certificates in our vineyards  where the ecological cycle is aimed to be sustainable and permanent, prioritizes healthy life and healthy products. It is our greatest honor for our company to carry out and maintain our natural life-supported work.




Participating in "Chardonnay du Monde", competition that was held for the 18th time in France, we won the silver medal with "Vinolus Chardonnay 2009" and we won the silver medal in Bruxelles with our wine named "Vinolus Syrah 2009" and continued our goals that contain quality.


Our award-winning wines list is as follows:


  • Syrah 2009 / Silver Medal - "Concours Mondlal de Bruxelles 2011"

  • Chardonnay 2009 / Silver Medal - "Chardonnay du Monde 2012"

  • Delicate 2015 / Best White Wine - "Sommeliers Selection Master Classes Turkey 2017"

  • Syrah 2010 / Silver Medal - "Challenging Master Classes 2017 Turkey"

  • Chardonnay 2016 / Bronze Medal - "Challenging Master Classes 2017 Turkey"

  • Blend 2014 / Bronze Medal - "Association of Friends of Wine Şavkay Tuğrul Turkey's Best Wine of the Year 2017"

  • Syrah 2018 / Gold Medal - "Decanter"

  • Vinolus Rose 2018 / Silver Medal - "The Balkan International Wine Competition"

  • Vinolus Kalecik Karası 2018 / Silver Medal - "The Balkan International Wine Competition"

  • Vinolus Kalecik Karası 2018 / Silver Medal - "MUNDUS VINI The Grand International Wine Award"

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