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Arif Molu Farm, covering 2500 acres, reflects the 500-year family history and labor of the family, the founders of the Molu Village in Kayseri. The reclaiming work that started with Arif Molu has continued and today it forms a sustainable farm model with organic agriculture, in our grove that was formed by planting 120,000 saplings. In addition to wine, local products such as molasses, tomato paste, jam, noodles, flour, bulgur, wheat, tarhana, soudjouk with walnuts and köfter are produced from the products grown in our land. At the same time, SUNOLUS VINEYARD HOUSE provides service for our guests that ask for accommodation in a farm concept. Eventually; you can experience the farm life intertwined with nature, take a walk, participate in work, and take advantage of cycling and yoga activities.

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