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The story of the grape begins in the vineyard and takes shape in the vineyard. If you know how to observe the grapes in the vineyard, it will make you feel ready for vintage. Then the most exciting time of the year begins for us. Our harvest begins before the heat of the sun evaporates the dew drops from the surface of the grape grains. Grape must reach the wine workshop as soon as possible. It must be separated from its stemand begin to leak from the grains. As its smell spread to the workshop, the barrels begin to fill.


Vinolus Wines are produced in Kayseri within the geographical borders of Cappadocia and have a storage and production capacity of 42.000 L / year. The oldest of our vineyards, which cover about 120 decares of wine and 130 decares of edible grape production, are 30 years old and we have been continuing to produce since 1980 in terms of viticulture and for production, since 2007. We follow a production philosophy that prioritizes quality, respect for natural life and trust.


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